Why Your Mom wants a Family Portrait for Mother’s Day

Mom a wants a portrait with you for Mother’s Day. There, I said it, because moms often don’t. They might think it or hint at it or even say “Family Portrait” really loud, hoping their family’s listening cellphones will pick it up and start showing photography ads. But moms often don’t push the issue.
See, mom’s know their family, which means they know there is a good chance their portrait request will meet with grumbling (“Seriously? A family photo? Mommmmm…ugh.”) so Mothers often drop a hint and let it go, placating themselves with a hastily snapped cellphone picture. So, allow us to tell you why a Frank Frost Family Portrait is the perfect gift.

Why a Mother’s Day Portrait

For starters, this woman you call Mother loves you. A lot. And when you love something, you want it around you at all times. Now, that’s not always possible with family; children grow up and move away (on a personal note: how dare they) but a Mother’s Day Portrait hanging over the fireplace? Your mother sees that countless times a day. She shows it others. She loves it because she loves you.

Children Grow but Portraits Don’t

There are very few things in this world we can freeze perfectly in time. (Personal note: I’ve got some pandemic shut-down meat in the depths of my freezer that I KNOW won’t be enjoyable when I eventually defrost it. I’m a little scared) But family photographs? They are different. They are the closest thing we have to a time machine. Because in that moment, in that split second, those little faces in time were recorded. They were saved, just as they were. And in that family photograph, they will never change. Every scabbed knee and missing tooth is preserved.

It increases with value

Most of the things we buy lose value over the years, but a Family Portrait, well, its value only increases over time. It’s not until you look back at all those moments in time saved that you fully appreciate the portraits taken with the people you love.

You never TRULY know the value of a family portrait until years after its taken.

~Frank Frost Photography

So, when you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift mom really wants…get her a Frank Frost Signature Family Portrait. Book a family session or stop in the studio for a beautiful gift card to let mom know the session is coming.
Yeah, she might not tell you how important it is to her…but we sure will.

(And wish me luck on that freezer meat.)

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