Senior Photography Matters

One of the greatest technology advancements is a smart phone with a camera. We think it falls just below penicillin and microwave popcorn on the list of “Greatest Inventions.” 

To be sure, we take a lot of photos with our phone and encourage everyone to do the same. To have some sort of camera with you at all times is kind of amazing. In fact, today’s generation is the most photographed generation in history. Give a phone to a toddler and odds are good they will know exactly how to swipe and what to press. 

 From selfies to TikTok videos to pictures of our food, we are clicking that phone button countless times a week. 

And that’s all good stuff. 

But now and then, there’s a photo that matters, because the moment matters.  I mean, really, matters. It’s important. It can’t be trusted to a cell phone. A snapshot from a phone just won’t do; these photos HAVE to be great. And not just a little bit—you want A LOT of great. 

Especially when it’s senior photographs. 

Talk about a moment that matters. It has meaning because it’s both an end AND a beginning. 

And it while it matters every year, this year, it’s a little different. Because you did it. You made it through. And you are leaving high school with a story very few can tell, namely: 

“I graduated during a pandemic.” Crazy.

So tell that story with a storyboard filled with color, light and fun, aka, a Frank Frost senior photography session. 

We photograph senior photography sessions everywhere. Literally. In studio, outdoors, all around the state of New Mexico and beyond. From the wilderness to white sands to the top of the mountains; from lakes and rivers to neon urban settings, your senior photographs will tell a story. 

We guarantee you will love them. 

Why professional senior photographs?

Because right now matters. 

YOU matter. 

Book a Frank Frost senior session and let the moment that matters live on. 

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