Where to Take Your Albuquerque Photos

The New Year is here! For all those with new photography-based New Year’s Resolutions, this blog is for you! This time on the blog we’re taking a look at some of the best spots for photos in and around Albuquerque! When you’re just getting started taking photos, it can help to have something that really pops as the subject of your pictures – doing so will make it easier for you to get some more experience and master the basics. So get your camera gear ready and make a plan, these are going to be the spots for your next great photos!

Where to Take Your Photos in Albuquerque

Public Art, Local Flavor

There are a few great spots that check this box! Places like the Chevy on the Stick located on the corner of San Mateo and Gibson. After you get the shot here, head 3 miles north and a little west. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see the Giant Red Arrow! This sits in a Whole Foods parking lot currently, though long time ABQ residents will remember it as marking a Fast Photo film developing store (long gone are those days!)

Albuquerque is home to a great local art scene and installations like this one will pop up in the most unlikely of places, so always keep your eyes peeled and a camera ready as you go about your day!

The architecture of buildings themselves also makes for some great subjects for your photos. Check out places like Old Town Albuquerque!

Old Town Albuquerque has narrow streets and centuries-old adobe houses. Now they make up a bunch of great New Mexican eateries but we’re here for the architecture that speaks to a different time and place. It also overlooks the nearby San Felipe de Neri Church! The historic Catholic church dates back to 1793! It has gone through a few stages and changes including the addition of new bell towers and interior elements to give the church a more European look. This spot of town is a great backdrop for your next set of photos!

Natural Beauty

If there’s one thing New Mexico has in abundance it is Natural Beauty and so much of it can be found right here in town (or just on the edges!) To make this easy we’ll stick to places that are close by for easy access on your beginning photo journey!

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Located at 2901 Candelaria Rd NW, the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park is home to all sorts of wildlife including birds like hummingbirds, hawks, and owls, and other animals like turtles, rabbits, all sorts of insects!  There’s also a whole bunch of different backdrops from trees, brush, water, and more. The Rio Grande Nature Center can take up days worth of photos easily! Parking will run you a few bucks so be prepared for that.

Paseo del Bosque

On the same side of town is the Paseo del Bosque trail. Through this trail you’ll get to experience the Rio Grande, the Sandias, and Cottonwood forest all in one stretch. That means three drastically different landscapes for your photos.

Look the Hiking Trails

Where there are hiking trails, you’re going to get views! ABQ is home to dozens of spectacular hiking trailers nearby and any one of them can offer you an incredible landscape shot after a bit of exercise!

Take a look at the Visit Albuquerque site to find out a list of some of the best!

Wherever you decide to take your Albuquerque photos, this lovely city makes an excellent backdrop. From parking lot art sculptures to the more wild locale of the state parks, ABQ has so much to offer photographers. These might be tried, true, and maybe even a little over done when it comes to photo subjects, but that’s not the point. The point is to get out there and take your photos.

Now… if you’re looking for someone to take photos in Albuquerque, well give us a call here at Frank Frost! We’ll get you taken care of! 

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