Photographer New Year’s Resolutions

No matter where you are in your photography, there’s always something you could do better, even for us! So why not work out a New Year’s Resolution to help yourself improve? It might not be the classic ‘diet and exercise’ but let’s be honest, these will be a lot more fun!

Photography New Year’s Resolutions!

Shoot More

The biggest and easiest resolution to put to work is taking more photos! The more you take the more you practice. While the whole 10,000 hours thing is bunk, time spent practicing is huge! Remember that there’s no set number to hit, just improve and take more photos than you did last year and you’ll succeed on this resolution. Nice!

There’s also a ‘bigger picture’ way to approach shooting more. Not just quantity of photos, but the number of days, the number of shoots, those are a way to shoot more. Taking photos more often is a great goal.

Shoot… Less?

Ok, this might sound a little backwards but for some photogs, this is absolutely the right move. Have you ever gone through your photos to find the right shot and had to move through hundreds of rapid-fire shots? It’s ok, we’ve all been there. The idea behind this resolution is to practice mindfulness and be very deliberate with your shots. Slowing down your work, focusing on the image you’re making in the moment might not lead to the best shots, but it will absolutely lead to better shots – every time. 

If you find yourself walking a line between shooting more while shooting less you’re going to be training yourself to be more efficient and hone your eye.

Keep Learning

Open yourself up to new photography techniques! This will keep your skillset expanding and help you avoid getting stuck in a creative rut. If you only shoot landscapes out on the hiking trails, try focusing on your fellow hikers and take some portraits. You can even take to learning the ins and outs of other cameras to help master new skills.

When you begin experimenting with new options (digital vs film, night photography etc. editing techniques) you’ll unlock a whole new world of possibilities and creativity.

Create a Project Piece

This is a lot like a resolution but in a more defined, specific space. Creating a photo project might look like any number of different things, from shooting photos all of a single theme to taking a photo every day at the same time, or anything in between. Creating and finishing a photo project is a good way for you to define a goal and have a finished thing at the end of it. Often when photographers are just getting started they take their photos, do some editing, and then kind of don’t know what to do with all of the finished pieces. By establishing a project you can focus your work towards creating this defined goal and when you’re done you’ll have a sense of accomplishment in addition to a bunch of killer photos.

These are just some potential photo-based New Year’s Resolutions you could pick up. Chances are if you’re serious about this craft you already have some ideas about what you personally could do better. Take those, treat them like a hard goal like losing ten pounds or whatever, and work at it. By doing things with intention, you’re going to get real results. Your photos will improve, your skills will expand, and you’ll be happier with your work. Next time on the blog we’re going to give some examples of great photo ops for Albuquerque photogs, so come on back then!

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