Welcome Home: albuquerque family photographer

A home has a personality; a soul. It might seem at first glance to be nothing more than some walls, a roof, a couple doors and windows, but it’s so much more than that. A home is a refuge…a sigh of relief. It is warmth when the world is cold and a gathering place for the people you love most in the world. A home watches, silently, as the family within its walls lives and loves and grows. Its floors might be scuffed from toys; its carpet might sport pet hair; its bathroom door might have been banged on repeatedly over the years with the cries of, “Hurry up…it’s MY turn!’ and that’s as it should be.

For a home sees its family’s sorrows and joys. It shelters them from the outside world and when the day is long and weary, it whispers as they walk through the door, “It’s okay. You’re home now.”

A home, no matter the size or location, is a part of the family. So, then, it makes perfect sense to include it in the family portrait.

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