The Only Photos You Regret

I wish I had a time machine–a window from which to look into the future.

I’m generally not fond of such things because I think the future should be a marvelous adventure, but there are moments, like now, that I wish I could give you a glimpse into your life 20, 30, 40 years from this very moment.

I don’t want to bring you pain, although that’s part of Life, too–but rather I wish I could give you a tiny glimpse of the heartache that comes from things left undone, moments unremembered, people no longer with us.

I wish these things because right now is Perfect. Oh sure, there are days that are trying and situations that are difficult, but where you are right now is a pretty wonderful place.

You are here with the people you love: family and friends.  Everything else is secondary.

But you don’t realize that now is the Perfect Time-you won’t realize that until years from now.  It’s not your fault–it happens to all of us. We get caught up in the day to day and don’t realize that it won’t always be like this…that Life changes. It bends and bows and climbs and dips and we look back with regret and think: “If only…”

As a photographer, I know this.

I know the words:

“We need to get our family photographed one day”


“I’ll come back and order later”


“I’ve been meaning to…”

are words you would never say if you could look into that Time Machine.

If you could see the future, you’d grab every moment by the collar and hold it tight

and you’d do that

by photographing it.


I don’t have a Time Machine, but I can tell you this…

You will only regret the photos you didn’t take.

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