Gnats and The Perfect Family Portrait

The Perfect Family Portrait doesn’t just “happen.” It’s a very worthwhile thing and worthwhile things, well, they often take planning. The Perfect Family Portrait starts with a conversation about what you want and then segues to location and clothing and wrangling everyone’s schedule and then reserving an appointment. It is by no means difficult but it doesn’t just happen.

And by the time you get TO the session, well, that’s where the fun truly begins. 

But, when that Perfect Family Portrait Session is an outdoor session you are at the mercy of whatever lives outdoors: rain, wind, plants, terrain and bugs.

Outdoor Predictions

We’ve been in the business of Perfect Family Portraits for decades in Albuquerque, but even we can’t predict weather. We are pretty good at watching those skies and knowing what will happen, but sometimes the clouds clear early and sometimes, they show up right as we begin. Don’t even get us started on the wind. Hey, if we could accurately predict weather, believe us, we WOULD. 

But when it comes to bugs at an outdoor session, our predictions are always off. There is no rhyme or reason to why these little buggers show up. Most nights, there is not a bug in sight; some nights, we are just a wee bit bothered. 

And some nights, like with Liz’s session, they ALL COME OUT TO PLAY. Every gnat that ever there was shows up. WHO KNEW? We are talking a battalion of gnats. Some came from out of state—I think they had suitcases. It was like an organized gnat event: “Okay, everyone. Liz’s family is going to be in the foothills of Albuquerque tonight. We need you all to drop what you’re doing and head over there. Bring the kids. Invite the neighbors. We’re going to make a whole night of it.”

Take that, gnats!

But those gnats had no idea who they were up against. Because with the cheerful attitude of the wonderful folks in front of our camera, they didn’t stand a chance. Sure, there were a lot of “gnat breaks,” but at the end of the session, we not only photographed Liz’s beautiful family, but headshots of Liz as well proving that when it comes to The Perfect Family Portrait…

Bugs are NOT the boss of us. 

They gave it their best shot but…
Not today, gnats. Not today.
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