Farewell, Bran Muffin

Found out this morning that Satellite Coffee stopped selling their bran muffins.
Now, we LOVED Satellite Bran Muffins. It’s not that the other muffins aren’t good, because, hello? EVERYTHING is good at Satellite. It’s just that some of those other muffins enter firmly into dessert territory. All they need is a little frosting and they might as well be cake. So, in a quest to eat the healthiest muffins, we would always get the lower fat bran muffin.

Until today.

I found out earlier, but Cheri didn’t find out until this afternoon. She let out a loud, “Nooooooooooo!’ upon receiving the news while at the drive thru window. I”m pretty sure she freaked out the car behind her. The Satellite employee responded with, “I’ll give you a moment to grieve.” 

Farewell, Satellite Bran Muffin. You will be missed. 

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