A High School Senior, His Grandpa, and a Garage

We photograph a lot of senior portraits. I mean, a lot. It’s one of our favorite things to do. 

You’ll find us taking senior portraits in Albuquerque and all throughout New Mexico. And when we photograph our seniors, we often do so in the places and with the things they love: with horses, on a mountain, with dogs, in a theater, with guitars, on a basketball court, with flowers, on a beach…the list goes on and on. During our consultation, we ask our senior clients if they have things special to them, even as far back as a childhood stuff animal, and we incorporate those things into their senior photography session. A senior portrait is a personal thing, so it makes sense to showcase the things that make you…YOU.

Dominic’s senior session in Edgewood was no different–he, too, picked a favorite place and a favorite thing. 

That’s why we photographed part of Dominic’s senior session with his grandpa in his grandpa’s garage

And we could not love this more.

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