Why We Don’t Use Digital Backgrounds

There is something magical about The Moment we take a photo outdoors.

The way the light falls

The way the gentle breeze dances across the skin

The birds chirping…the leaves fluttering

The sun flickering through the trees

It FEELS wonderful

And…the Place becomes part of The Moment.

It’s real.

It becomes part of The Experience.

People remember this

When you look at those images afterwards, you remember The Moment

how it felt when you stood there

when the sun shone upon your back

and how your bare feet felt in the grass

Or you will remember how the wind picked up as the dark clouds rolled in

Or how you laughed as we all ran to take cover while we waited for the storm to pass

When they look at those images you will remember that moment

You don’t get that from a green screen.

A digital background means nothing

because it isn’t a part of anything…

The finished image will be pieced together in a computer

But here’s the important part…

You will STILL remember The Moment…

how weird it felt to stand there pretending you were in the woods

Or on a path

Or in a garden

When you really weren’t

After you were cut and paste them into a scene you never experienced

You will look at that image

And feel no connection to it.


Because it’s not real… and you were never there.

At Frank Frost Photography, we believe in taking more than pictures…we photograph time spent together with the sun overhead and the breeze in your hair, surrounded by the people you love.

Take THAT, digital background.

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