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Last time on the blog we divvied out some nuggets of wisdom for photog beginners. As we set about writing them all down, well it turned out we had a whole lot more to offer than we realized! So without much preamble let’s get into even more photo tips for the fledgling photographer!

Move Your Feet

In the immortal words of Danish Pop Duo Junior, Senior,  “Everybody, move your feet and feel united, oh-oh-oh.” Though, instead of feeling united, you’ll take better pictures! Think of your body as tripod or a part of the camera. When you take your photos in the same stance, standing straight up, arms bringing your camera to your eye, you are going to be getting pictures with the same angle, the same space.

So how do you spice things up? Move around! Crouch low, climb over things, get high above the subject, lay on the ground. Moving around will change the size and position of your subject. It will add variety to your portfolio as opposed to hundreds of photos of the subject dead center in the frame taken from eye level.

Flash On, Flash Off

This piggy backs a bit on a tip we mentioned last time about knowing light. For most everyone, the first answer to a too dark environment is the flash on their camera. But, flashes aren’t just for the dark!

Flashes are useful for seemingly well lit, outdoor shots too! There’s a term, ‘fill flash’ that goes more into it but essentially this flash in an otherwise well lit environment will ‘fill’ in the shadows on the subject. It’s surprising what even a soft flash of light can do to enhance a photo. Try it out a few times on your own and compare the results! Soon enough you’ll develop an eye for when you need to use it and when ya don’t.

Back-Up Your Work

Here’s a big one nobody thinks to mention, BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! No one thinks their harddrive is going to die on them until it does and if it happens with all of your work on it the nightmare of lost progress, lost experience, and lost product it brings is not something you want to deal with. Seriously, right now, download all of your photos to an external hard drive. Done? Ok phew. Now make a habit of it!

Try Something New

Once you feel like you have an understanding of composition, light, when to use a flash, moving your feet and repositioning the camera it’s time to try something new! Whether it’s using a new lens, trying out drone photography, or shooting video. Go to a brand new location to shoot landscapes.  Any change or new experience is going to bring a wealth of perspective and new ideas to your photography.

Meet Other Photographers

Finally, get out there (maybe not literally right now(thanks COVID)) and meet other photographers! Hit up forums, find clubs or groups. Half the fun of getting into a new hobby or skill is learning it and sharing the experience with others. Thankfully, the best way to get better is to share information, experience, and tips with other photographers so grouping up is a twofer! It’s especially helpful when they’re in your area because they will A) know the best local spots for some beautiful shots and B) have settings and ideas for your environment, light, time of day, etc. 

Alright that’ll wrap up tip month here on Frank Frost! If you’re a beginner photog try out these past 11 tips and you’ll see your skills grow in no time. The biggest tip of all? Practice, practice, practice. 
If you’re in the market for professional photography, work headshots, or family photos don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our studio is ready for you!

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