How to Pick a Wedding Photographer

Recently we talked about a wedding photo checklist and how to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page – but what if you haven’t even picked your photographer yet? Don’t sweat it! This time on the Frank Frost blog we’re going to help you understand how to pick a wedding photographer that you’ll love!

Six Tips to Picking the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Time it Right

First, it’s a good idea to book your venue with a firm date. Having a hard date will make it immensely easier to find a photographer with the availability you need. For them, having to juggle a half dozen potential clients who only know they’re aiming for a Fall wedding, can cause unnecessary stress and end up with no clients – so have a date and place locked in!

Gather Recommendations

You no doubt have plenty of folks in your social circles who have gotten married! Speak to them, ask about their experiences and look at their photos! This is a fast, easy way to build a roster of potential photographers to reach out to.

Know The Style of Photos You’d Like

Chances are you already have an idea about this one, but it bears mentioning just in case. What kind of photographs do you want from your big day? Are you looking for vintage, nostalgic looking memories? Maybe something with color that pops! Regardless of what style you’d like, knowing it will give you and your potential photographers an idea of the aesthetic you’re looking for. While just about every photographer has a few different looks and styles they can capture, not all photographers have the same skillsets. 

Now, with these three steps completed you can truly start working through your stable of potential photographers to find the one that’s right for you!

Interview the Photographers

When you first make contact with any of your wedding photographers, they should sent you a portfolio of the photos they’ve done in the past. Ask for photos from weddings that the photographer shot completely, not just a highlight reel of great weddings they’ve done before. This way you can get a vibe of all of their wedding shots, not just the big ones.

While in your interview discuss:

  • Date, Style, Other Logistics
    First things first, go over all the information you’ve already been working on! Discuss the venue and date and time. Has the photographer shot in your venue before, they may have better ideas for shots. Discuss your visions and desires and compare them to their portfolio. Are they a good match stylistically?
  • Who will be the photographer on the day
    Some larger photography studios may have several different photographers working together. In these cases, make sure you clearly understand who will be working with you on the big day and their style. Request a portfolio of their work if necessary. 
  • Fees
    There’s no point in ignoring it, wedding photographers cost money! While it can feel odd discussing financials, you need to discuss all of the costs associated with your big day to be able to make the right choice for you! Understand what your money gets you access to, prints, albums, physical or digital storage for all the raw photos etc. Photographers differ so know exactly what’s on the table.
  • Dates and timelines
    Important dates such as the timelines for you to receive all your photos is a must! You’ll want to be sure you understand how long it might take you to receive your photos from the photographer,  from the first sneak peeks to prints to albums. Not knowing can cause a ton of unnecessary stress and frustration following the wedding – the absolute last thing anybody wants!

Schedule a Test Shoot

If you’re scheduling your photographer enough in advance, an engagement photoshoot is the perfect chance to test out a photographer and get some photos to announce the news! Working with a photographer before the big day is also a great idea to help everyone feel more comfortable.

Trust Your Instincts

After all that is said and done, you’ve narrowed it down to a few photographers who can match the style you’re going for, you understand the fees and timelines ahead of you – when it all comes down to the final decision don’t forget to trust you gut! You’re going to be spending your whole wedding day with this person close at hand snapping photos. Make sure it’s someone you trust, feel comfortable with, and like. Those things can’t be determined by portfolios and price sheets alone, only you can identify the right photographer for you.

Take all of those steps and you should end up with a wedding photographer you love! Someone you trust to take the best photos of your most special day! If you’re looking to schedule a test run or meet with your local Albuquerque Photographers – look no further! Give Frank Frost a call, schedule a shoot, and find out what makes us so great!

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