Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Photography

Last time on the Frank Frost blog we talked about newborn photography and a bunch of the most frequent topics and questions that come up for it. This time we decided to zoom out a bit and look at the entire field of baby photography. Guess March is baby month here at Frank Frost! So without further ado, let’s get into some FAQs about baby photography!

What Age Does Baby Photography Entail

Baby photography might mean a range of different types of photography depending on who is talking about it. It can begin with maternity photos to newborn pictures, and up through the first year of the child’s life. That’s the broadest definition of it. Specifically though, no, baby photos begin after about two weeks of a child’s life and continue until they’re a toddler! 

How Long Will a Photography Session Take

Babies can be a handful, we know! That’s why when we do our baby shoots we aim to be as fast as possible keeping it under a couple of hours depending. The biggest reason? Babies don’t want to sit still and pose that long and we don’t want all of our photos to be filled with tears and wails! It’s best for everybody if we get set up, take the shots and get out easy peasy.

What is the Best Age for Baby Photos? For Newborns?

We answered this partially last time so we’ll touch on that one more time.  Newborn photos are best taken between five days to two weeks after the baby is born. After that they’re babies! As for when the best age is for babies? There’s no single best time! Babies grow fast and documenting their growth and lives is such a big part of it all. You might want to have yearly shoots, or cover specific events. Whatever you decide is best.

How Do I Keep My Baby Calm for the Photoshoot?

Now this is probably the biggest question for all parents bringing their bundles of joy in for photos. There are a few things you can do to help ensure success for your baby photos! 

  1. Make Sure Your Baby is Fed Before Hand

Full bellies make happy babies! If your baby isn’t hungry they’ll be less inclined to get hangry when it’s time to pose!

  1. We Keep Them Warm

This is less a parent concern as much of it is on the studio. For instance, we always make sure our studios are warmer for babies than most of our client’s photoshoots for a number of reasons. Warmth equals comfort and often babies are just in their diapers at most for their photos. That can get too cold for comfort so we keep that heat up.

The long and short of this is that happy and comfortable babies take the best photos, together with your photographer work to make sure your shoot is as comfortable and calming an environment as possible. That might mean using a white noise machine, planning photos around swaddling or more. Only you know your baby but together we’ll get great photos!

Are Camera Flashes Ok For My Baby’s Eyes?

Good question! After all, we want to make sure our little ones grow as big, strong, and healthy as possible and we don’t want to risk doing any damage. While bright flashes can be potentially harmful to a baby’s eyes, that’s only when they are taken in a dark room or in very dim light, but that is true of adult eyes as well!  If the room is well lit (as a photo studio should be) then the flash isn’t a concern. 

We hope this has answered any lingering questions you have had about getting your baby photos taken! If not, by all means, give us a call! We’re experts and we want any of clients to feel absolutely comfortable with their photoshoots every step of the way. At Frank Frost Photography we do everything we can to ensure that you love the photos we capture.

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