Denied: an Albuquerque Photographer Linkedin Story

We have never been kicked out of a place. No one has ever said, “Hey. You guys. OUT!” We’ve never been grabbed by a burly bouncer and shown to the door; we’ve never had someone see us coming and lock the doors. “Bob. Hurry. Grab the keys and lock the door. Pull down the shades. That FRANK FROST bunch is trying to get in.”

Yeah, that’s never happened….until today, when the keys to our LinkedIn door were slammed shut. Denied. Upload a driver’s license? Still denied. Not authorized. Permanently restricted. 


It’s actually kind of exciting, though, as we aren’t known for getting into trouble. Sure, we are picky and care that our clients are happy and that they love their images and we will do anything to make sure those images are exactly as they should be, but we’ve never been the “bad boys of photography” until now. 

I think this deserves a tattoo. And a Harley. Maybe a tattoo OF a Harley. 

Maybe the initials: “BBWC.” (bad boy with camera) or a beautiful “Chingón” on the bicep. 

I’m telling you, people, ANYTHING can happen now.

We are basically the Walter White of photography in Albuquerque.

So, while we are mulling over how best to embrace our Breaking Bad ways, please feel free to add us to YOUR LinkedIn so we can once enjoy our “connections.”

Please and thank you so much. 

Wait. I mean, yeah…whatever. Like we care. 

(Oh boy, this is going to take some getting used to.)

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