Dearly Beloved…

Reminded again today how precious Life is and how quickly it changes. We get caught up in the day-to-day of Life and all its little grumblings and irritations (“Where is all this traffic coming from?” “The Starbucks line is so long-this is going to take forever.” “What do you mean, I can’t get in for a hair cut for two weeks?”) and we allow it to zap the joy.
So with that in mind, a little reminder:

Live every moment.
Don’t confuse problems with inconveniences.
Hold your babies close, no matter how old they are.
Be careful who you admire.
Believe in yourself but be honest with yourself.

Pick the shortcut only after you’ve mastered the regular route.
Speak your truth.

Never stop learning but remember that no one has all the answers-the most important lessons only experience can teach you.
Hug your friends.
It’s a carb, not poison. Just eat it and enjoy it.
Stand still and watch the sunset
Go ahead and drink the juice from the carton.
Don’t fall victim to flattery.
Be kind to animals.
Laugh some more.
Say “yes” as much as possible.
Nobody but you cares how you look in a bathing suit.
Perspective is everything and can easily get out of whack. Guard against that.
It’s no big deal if there are dirty dishes in your sink.
Be weird.
Take pride in your accomplishments.
Take pride in your weirdness.
Take this life and squeeze from it as much as joy as possible, because no matter how long it is, it’s still too short.
And last but not least, make NO EXCUSES.
When the thunderclouds of Life open over you, and the rain falls down, stand firm in your confidence, look trouble in the eye, and like Prince performing at the Superbowl say, “Can you make it rain HARDER?”


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