Back from California and wow, was it a wonderful time. Hundreds and hundreds of photos were taken and between the fabulous weather and our even more fabulous clients, we’ll be editing for days! If you were one of our California clients, all I have to say is, “Good Luck” when it comes to picking out your photos, ’cause every one was drop dead gorgeous.

On a personal note, I was thrilled, THRILLED to have found six, count ’em, SIX perfect sand dollars embedded in the wet sand of Imperial Beach one evening. By the way I squealed, you would have thought I’d found gold. The tide was out and the sun was sinking fast as I combed the beach for my seashells. I knew Frank had the camera and would amuse himself somehow while I was in hot pursuit of my treasures.

This is what Frank did while I played in the water…I think his time was better spent. *grin*

Imperial Beach, San Diego, CA