We’re Baaaaack….

Have you ever noticed that the longer you put something off, the harder it is to do? Like, for instance, starting a diet, or cleaning your house…or re-starting a blog? Sheesh. I’m so embarrassed. The blog was to tie in with a new website (makes sense, right?) and when the website thing was delayed, well…just look at the date of the last entry. “Nuff said.

But, we’re back and starting 2008 with a renewed zeal. The new Frank Frost website should be up and running in about two weeks. We’re also happy to introduce a new site just for Seniors. When faced with showcasing our fabulous Seniors, it became clear that one website was not going to cut it. Not even close. So, based on our ongoing Senior theme, www.WhatsYourBackdrop.com was created. Be sure to check it out!