The Tiniest Fairy: albuquerque newborn photographer

Kelsie Iris is 7 days old.

She doesn’t know yet how wonderful her family is, but then, maybe she does, for she held out in her mama’s belly as long as she could. When she finally decided she was ready, she made her entrance into the world in a hurry. She has a shock of black hair, but I suspect, like her brother and two sisters, that will do a 180 and turn golden in no time.

Her brother and sisters had a recent session in the mountains (Click HERE ) but Kelsie was still in her mama’s tummy and so while she was there, she wasn’t able to engage in fairy activities like her sisters. That all changed yesterday when under the yellow leaves of a huge Cottonwood, little Kelsie got to be a fairy for the very first time.

And lucky me, I was there to photograph it.

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