The NEW WEBSITE…finally

I have come to the conclusion that the birth of a new website is much like the birth of a child: months of waiting until the final push at the end to get the thing “out there.” Once it’s in the world, however, all the pain and misery is forgotten as you revel in this beautiful new creation.

A HUGE shout-out to Jeff at NMIA (New Mexico Internet Access for all of his help and patience. You know, there are a lot of companies out there who are more than willing to host your site for pennies a day, but you’d have to drag me away, kicking and screaming, from NMIA. They are a company who is there for you 24/7. Jeff never once played on my “website ignorance” and he was just as kind at the last call as he was the first. In my opinion, customer service is EVERYTHING and that is exactly what you get with NMIA.

So, welcome to the new site. Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions, and ENJOY!