The first session in the new studio. Wow.

No, the studio is not yet officially open, thanks to a series of little unforeseen problems that reared their ugly heads at the eleventh hour. We did have a morning full of sessions, however, which we really didn’t have room to reschedule (the next few months are filling up fast) so with a few boxes still in the corners, photos yet to be hung, and makeshift countertops in the production room, we opened our doors.

Luckily, boxes and countertops have nothing to do with Frank’s photography, and so at 8:30 this morning, Frank begin little Kaleigh’s session. The amazing thing about this image (besides the too-cute-for-words little girl) is that in it is the very first prop ever bought for the studio. It’s a cherry wood piece with victorian stylings, but to every mom who’s ever had a little one photographed on it, it is known simply as The Green Chair. (Let it be known that we have been threatened by clients to never get rid of it) It was only fitting that The Green Chair accompany Kaleigh in her session. It was the perfect blend of old and new.