Now and then, we all get into a funk. The day isn’t going well; you’re running late; problems pile up and you wonder why you bothered getting out of bed. It’s during those times you look for inspiration. I’ve found mine, in a man named Wayne Thornton.

Wayne and his wife, Betty, came into the studio several years ago. Wayne had been battling cancer for the past 9 years and asked Frank to take photos he could give his wife; photos that told his story and showed his strength and character.  Heaven received an incredible soul when Wayne lost his battle with cancer on December 19. 2007. I knew he was an amazing man, but upon reading his obituary, I was blown away by the full life he had lived in only sixty years. As a writer, he had penned a beautiful “Morning Prayer” which was featured at his funeral, along with his images. I shed many tears creating this video.

I keep Wayne’s Morning Prayer on my computer’s desktop so that I can see it every day. I never met Wayne in person, but I feel I know him. His words and his spirit serve to remind me of that which is truly important.