SYSTEM D a.k.a. Whatever It takes.

My wife, Cheri, is a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain.  He is irreverent, passionate and calls things as he sees them. Plus, he’s a chef with a love for different foods, cultures and Peoples. While reading his book, The Nasty Bits, she came across the word:  débrouillard- a french word which describes a person who is skilled or resourceful at handling any difficulty, or in laymen terms, the guy who gets you out of trouble. Bourdain first came across the word when  while reading Nicolas Freeling’s memoir, The Kitchen, a book about Freeling’s years as a Grand Hotel cook in France. 

In the world of chefs working frantically in a restaurant kitchen, “System D” became the shorthand term for a débrouillard way of thinking.

According to Urban System D refers to a manner of responding to challenges that requires one to have the ability to think fast, to adapt, and to improvise when getting the job done.

The minute I heard the term, I knew that System D was going to become the term of choice at Frank Frost Photography, ’cause it pretty much encapsulates that which we believe. 

We “System D” when the weather changes on a dime in the middle of an out of town family session.

We “System D” when the wedding album we ordered for a client is on back order from the manufacturer. 

We “System D” when we are so tired we can’t keep our eyes open, but the order has GOT to be delivered..and it’s got to be done right. 

We have always believed in the Whatever It Takes philosophy…  now we’ll just call  it System D!