South African Wine: albuquerque photographer

We are so proud of our team; those people we work side by side with every day. We are a close-knit studio and we truly love our staff. Lauren worked with us for several years as manager before being called away to do good work in South Africa. She is always smiling and has one of the kindest souls God ever put into a body. We miss her but know she is making a difference in people’s lives and are so very proud of her.

Lauren was in town briefly and left back for South Africa today. She dropped by yesterday, as she had a gift for us. Well, really for Cheri: it was a bottle of South African wine. (I don’t drink at all. At least, nothing stronger than Mountain Dew.) Due to an afternoon of on-location sessions, we missed her when she dropped by, so she left the gift with our friends at The Art of Framing, just a few doors down from the studio. Now, John, the owner of The Art of Framing is a true “foodie” and wine connoisseur, so when I stopped by to pick up the gift, I was surprised to find it unopened.

“Wow, you didn’t open it.” I told him. “Cheri was convinced it would be gone.”

“One more day and it would have been,” he said. Not only is he an excellent framer, he’s also honest.

A huge thank you to Lauren for such a thoughtful gift. Be safe. We love you!

And a “thank you” to John at The Art of Framing for keeping his corkscrew far away


frank frost photography ©2014