Every so often, a t-shirt with a catchy phrase becomes popular; a shirt appropriate for every age and every situation.

This is NOT one of those shirts.

It is however, a Frank Frost-ism, heard by anyone over the age of 16 refusing to smile during a session; anyone for whom taking pictures is akin to pulling teeth. C’mon, you know who you are; don’t make me name names. Sometimes, these individuals need a lighthearted command, said with a smile, to elicit a natural, beautiful expression.

“Smile, damn it,” happens to do nicely.

These t-shirts were actually the brainchild of one of our high school senior clients who suggested we slap that phrase on a shirt. Obviously, you don’t have to ask us twice. The t-shirts sell for around $25, so if you’re interested in spreading Frank Frost’s personal reminder to SMILE, then give us a call.