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At Frank Frost Photography, we have been taking amazing photographs of the beautiful people of Santa Fe for over 20 years. We specialize in photography that makes people the focus. With the incredible availability of photography in today’s modern world, we understand that people only come to a professional photographer when it comes time to create images that are exceptional. They don’t just want photographs, they want an experience, and they want that experience to be beautifully captured by photography

Photography Focused on People

In photography school, the will teach you about the rule of thirds. They will teach you the importance of composition and color. They will teach you about exposure, aperture, and light. Something they don’t tell you – the things that really brings a photograph to life, are the lives photographed therein. We believe that photography should capture what is unique, and beautiful in each individual person. We believe that the human element is what makes great photography so exceptional.

A Commitment to Excellence

Actually, it goes beyond that. We are committed to perfection. Frank Frost is a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of American. He has been awarded a Master of Photography and been deemed a Photographic Craftsman. At Frank Frost Photography we take a low-volume, personalized, detail-oriented approach. We believe that quality is always superior to quantity. We believe that one, incredible image, is worth a hundred mediocre ones. We believe that we are the right studio for you.

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