Graduation is right around the corner, especially for Ryan. Ryan is the youngest of his siblings and the last to graduate. His parents came into the studio today to pick up some last minute wallets for graduation announcements and just thinking what it must feel like to watch your youngest child, your baby, walk down the aisle and receive a diploma had me blinking back the tears. Raising a baby, you feel as though you will never sleep again. Then comes Elementary school years, and you become immersed in activities and events. High school rolls around, with cars and boyfriends and girlfriends and, again, that lack of sleep, albeit for a different reason.

And then, one day, you sit in an audience and watch with bittersweet tears your little boy or girl take the great leap into adulthood, a diploma in one hand and the future in the other.

You know, they say that to have children is to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body.
They were right.