Peter and the Fairies: albuquerque childrens photographer

There was once a boy named Peter Pan. The storybooks say he lived in Neverland, but the storybooks are wrong, for Peter lived in the Santa Fe National Forest. With his fabric knife and boot covers, he climbed rocks and jumped streams and stood on large boulders and crowed.

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In the middle of a perfectly ordinary Sunday afternoon, Peter encountered a beautiful and marvelous sight: two fairies, one dressed in purple, the other in pink. The fairies were unsure of Peter and so he told them stories to make them laugh:

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And gave them flowers…

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And the fairies fell in love with Peter. The purple fairy held her flowers tightly and smelled them…


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While the Pink Fairy was content to sit quietly on a log and pick the soft petals from her daisy…


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The fairies looked up to Peter as their friend and protector, and Peter took good care of his fairies and loved them with his whole heart.


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Peter and the fairies went on many marvelous adventures and took magic with them wherever they went…

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The End.