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Dear Little One, so fresh from heaven, of what do you dream?

What fills your mind and imagination as you sleep, nestled in the warmth of your blanket?

For you are new to the Earth; you’ve yet to gaze upon a pony or marvel at a snail or throw a ball in the backyard. You’ve not yet known the joy of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day or the exquisite pleasures of squishing mud between your toes.

And yet, as you sleep, you dream. And those dreams, we can only imagine, take you to places that we will never see. Places that exist only in a baby’s heart.  Oh, we all saw them once, when we were new, too, but we’ve forgotten. And they must be wonderful places, for you smile as you dream of them and we smile watching you dream.

So sleep, Little One, and dream your dreams.

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