Magic Man

I believe that although people say they want to learn the secret of a magic trick, deep down, they really don’t want to know; it’s much more fun to believe the impossible, to marvel at the unbelievable. And the better the magician, the easier it is to suspend belief and stand amazed, with your eyes and mouth wide open, asking, “How did you DO that?” Casey is that kind of magician.
Frank came home from the studio one evening and presented our son, Drew, with a bent and mangled table fork. Before we could question him as to the meaning of the twisted fork, Frank explained. “I photographed this Senior today, Casey, who bent this fork with his mind. It was amazing! He’s a magician at the Magic Juggler Shop in Nob Hill. I’ve never seen anything like it. This guy is incredible!”
We think Casey’s photographs are pretty incredible, too.

(Be sure to check out They are the nicest magicians you’ll ever meet and the shop is full of wonderful tricks for all stages of magic. Make reservations for their Friday night magic show. We took our children and everyone had a great time!)