Life is Made of Moments: albuquerque family photographer

Life is made of moments: a series of events all strung together like beads on a chain.

You think you remember most of the moments, but you don’t; none of us do. We remember just a tiny fraction of them. Of course, we always seem to remember the not so nice moments: the time your toddler pulled the tablecloth off a fully set table, sending your heirloom china crashing to the ground, or got his head stuck between two iron posts in a fence at Disneyland, or the morning you were running late for an appointment and backed your car up into your mother-in-law’s car…IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY. Or when your 3 year old daughter hid in the middle of a clothes rack at Target, sending your wife into fits of hysteria, or the time you arrived home from a vacation to find wet drywall from the ceiling above on the floor of the kitchen. (Yeah, you can probably guess what happened there)

Yes, these things we remember well, even when we wish we didn’t.

Thankfully, we also remember the precious moments, the times that make our heart ache with love just thinking of them. But regardless of the event, one thing is pretty much the same: the BEST moments of our life are made up of family. That’s why I love what I do: I get to watch as a family makes a moment.

I consider that no small thing.

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