Leftover Peeps and a Warped Mind

Each year, we photograph children as part of an Easter Special. We’ve done live rabbits and chicks, one year we even had baby ducks, but decided to veer away from that a bit. Last year, we went the chocolate route with tons of chocolate rabbits. We all gained about five pounds. This year’s theme is “Easter with My Peeps.” Yep, you guessed it-we will be photographing children on Friday, April 22 in the studio on a mound of colorful marshmallow Peeps.

Now, in our house, you can’t think of Peeps without thinking of a particular video. My wife, Cheri, is my head artist and designer and she has one wicked sense of humor. One night, about 3 years ago, I came home to find that she and the children had concocted a little nightmare scenario using leftover hardened Peeps they found in the pantry. I warn you…it’s as amateurish as it gets and it isn’t pretty, but it is hysterical.

(Warning: Graphic Peep Images)