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I started in this business when I was 22. I opened my first studio in Old Town and worked part-time, saving enough money in my “day job” to go full time two years later. Because I was just a kid when I started, I have had the great fortune of watching my clients grow-up.

Stacy and John are two such clients.

I photographed Stacy and John’s wedding many moons ago, and then their precious children as they grew. And, last Friday, I stood once again with Stacy and John and photographed their daughter, Kylie’s, wedding to a wonderful guy named Kyle. It was a full circle moment, if ever there was one. And a humbling one, at that.

At the wedding, Kylie introduced me to her Maid of Honor and said, “This is Frank Frost-he’s our family’s photographer.” I can not put into words what that means to me. It transcends business and the photographer/client relationship-it’s more than that, much more than I could ever put into words. Awards and accolades are nice, but of all the titles I’ve received in my photographic career, “Our Family’s Photographer” is the title that means the most. It does not get better than that.

Thank you, Stacy and John, for all the smiles.

Frank Frost ©2011

Frank Frost ©2011

Frank Frost ©2011

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