Some babies respond to singing; some to clapping. Some babies like high-pitched noises while other prefer low, soothing sounds. And then there are those like Kaden who don’t need much incentive to smile.

Kaden’s parents, Rebecca and Kyle, brought this adorable little boy into the studio recently for the first of his Rock-A-Bye Sessions. The Frank Frost Rock-A-Bye Program consists of three sessions during a baby’s first year of life: 4 mos, 8 mos and 12 mos. Upon completion, your favorite image from each session is enlarged to 5×7. The three 5×7’s are matted and then framed in a beautiful 10×20 frame, papered on the back and ready to hang. The entire program is offered at a killer price of $99.95. We’ve offered the Rock-A-Bye for years and it’s a favorite with parents who want to showcase just how much their little one grows in a year.

Kaden made sure his first Rock-A-Bye was one to be remembered. I suspect the rest of his sessions will be just as cute! This is one happy little boy!