Saw the movie Jumper tonight with the family. Going to the movie was a last minute idea, and Jumper just happened to fit our movie criteria:
1.appropriate for all members of the Frost family
2. it hadn’t started yet.

Unbeknownst to us, the author of the novel on which the movie is based was in the audience. He’s from Albuquerque, go figure, and had quite the entourage attending the movie with him. Although I’m a voracious reader, science fiction isn’t the genre I reach for first, so the rest of the family was able to sit back and enjoy the movie without worrying that I would ruin it by uttering things like: “That’s not how it happened in the book,” or, “Why did they cut that part out?”

Without giving away plot or ending, the movie focuses on the character of David, a young man with the gift of teleportation. He can teleport, or “jump,” anywhere on the planet, which got me thinking how great that talent would be in the field of photography. Photographing weddings would be a piece of cake. (no pun intended) No longer would you need to take backup cameras and extra equipment on location- if you needed an extra reflector or spare batteries, you could just zip to the studio and back in a flash. (really, these puns are just happening) No location would be off limits. You could photograph a 4pm session in London and be back in time for dinner.

Just thinking…