Jodie, Joe and Colten

I received a call from our new client, Jodie, while we were photographing in Southern California this summer. As irony would have it, she lives in Southen California, but was on her way to Albuquerque to visit family and, while there, wanted to take advantage of a gorgeous Sandia Sunset. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

We photograph a lot of out-of-town families and always cross our fingers when we do, as no one can predict what the weather will do. (As my dad used to say, “Everyone always complains about the weather, but no one does a darn thing about it!” *grin*) We needn’t have worried; everything was perfect that evening and Jodie, Joe and 2 year Colten were treated to a magnificent pink sunset like only New Mexico can provide.

This is one of my favorites from the session for many reasons, including the bulge of Jodie’s wonderful pregnant belly. Not only is Colten fascinated by the little green grasshopper his dad found for him, but the soft green grass almost appears painted. I love that Frank can work with light and color to accomplish something naturally in the camera that looks like it came out of Photoshop.