Hey, You Forgot to Get Rid of the Telephone Poles: albuquerque senior photography

When I shoot until sunset, which is around 9pm, so I usually don’t go back to the studio-I go straight home. When I get home, I download the images immediately and then again, the following day on my server. As I downloaded Janea’s incredible Senior Session, Cheri was watching over my shoulder.

This was the conversation that took place:

 Cheri: What a beautiful session!

Me: It was and take a look at the sunset we had.

Cheri: WOW! I love this. It’s feminine, yet strong. I love that.

Me: Couldn’t agree more.

Cheri: But wait…

Me: What?

Cheri: You got telephone poles in there. Or power lines. I don’t know how to tell them apart. Either way, you have poles in there.

Me: I sure d0. 

Cheri: I mean, you got a bunch with them in there. 

Me: I know.

Cheri: Did you want them in there?

Me: Well…yeah. If I didn’t, I would have just switched my angle.

Cheri: Why would you want telephone poles in this?

Me: It’s old Route 66-there SHOULD be telephone poles. It would be wrong not have them, I think.  Plus, the lines lead right into the subject. 

Cheri: <silent for a few seconds considering the image> If it wasn’t so pretty, I’d pick on this. 

Me: Well, it’s a good thing it’s pretty, then. 

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 frank frost photography @2014