Head’s UP! 7-Up!

The other day I saw an ad for 7-Up. At the risk of revealing my true age, I was a kid in the late 70’s when 7-Up came out with its “Un-Cola” campaign. The “Un-Cola” was a great label; it told people what 7-Up was by explaining what it wasn’t. I vividly remember Geoffrey Holder as the Un-Cola man in his white suit. His voice was as rich as a river of chocolate….

Well, it seems 7-Up has jumped on the “natural” bandwagon and their new commercials feature a new All Natural 7-UP:

All this 100% Natural stuff got me thinking: what, exactly, is an UN-natural flavor? Maybe polyester? Or plastic? What about old tire flavor? I especially get a kick out of the woman in the produce aisle; I don’t care how good the new formula is- I don’t think anyone’s in danger of confusing a can of 7-Up with a zucchini anytime soon. (The music is great, though. I don’t know if it’s really David Cassidy singing, but I have a hankering to dig out my Partridge Family albums.)

I must admit, all this Natural talk has me thinking- maybe we should re-label what WE do. Frank’s outdoor portraiture is created with natural light (an industry term meaning that there were no artificial light sources) Just the sun and a proper exposure to capture the depth and color of the light. I mean, anyone can throw a flash on a camera and take an artificial outdoor picture…I think that’s part of what makes what WE do so different.

Maybe we should call ourselves the UN-studio, although I might have a hard time convincing Frank to dress in the white suite and hat. 🙂