49 years ago, God created a little boy and placed him in the middle of Michigan farmland to grow and play and get in trouble for snacking on fresh beans right off the vine. He grew up with many aunts and uncles and cousins and realized very early in life the importance of Family. Of holding close to you the people you love.

As a little boy, he marveled at the beauty around him: the way the afternoon light played off the swaying wheat fields or the contrast of a red ripe tomato against the green leaves of its plant. This boy moved from Michigan to Albuquerque, and although he no longer could stand in a growing field, he still marveled, especially as he watched the mountains turn a shocking pink at sunset, as if lit from within. As he grew, he sought out those places that reminded him of Home and Family; places cool and green with rivers and streams.

Never one for school work, his world was opened wide when a camera was placed in his hand for the first time in 8th grade. He realized he could capture forever those marvelous things; he held in his mind’s eye-the light…the color… the movement. But especially, the people he loved.

Today, October 7, is this little boy’s birthday. Except, he’s not a little boy anymore. He’s a husband and a father and a business owner and a friend. He is his family’s world; the center of their universe. And although he is 49 years old today, his eyes and mind and heart are still that of a little boy, standing in a Michigan field, watching the light play over the growing crops. He still marvels at the sunsets and feels at home under the trees.

And more than ever, he understands the Importance of Family.

Happy Birthday, Frank. We are so glad that you were born.

Your family