Frank Frost at Lovelace Health System: albuquerque photographer

When Lovelace Health Care System asked me to provide landscape photographs for the walls of their facility, I was thrilled-not just to help decorate their walls, but because I got to stand on a loading dock with a crowbar in my hand, opening the huge crate that housed the canvas prints. I felt like the dad from the movie “A Christmas Story.”

I spent an afternoon along with my friend, John, hanging the canvases on the wall. John and his wife, Jan, own The Art of Framing in Albuquerque, so when he agreed to help me I was thrilled, as I knew those prints weren’t going to go anywhere once up on the wall.

I was interviewed recently for Lovelace’s website and since they were kind enough to go to the trouble of giving me a mention, I thought I’d share it here:

And a little more on Facebook: