Doing it Right

I went to Starbucks today to get my daily energy in a cup: grande Americano, extra cream and three Splendas. As is the case on most visits, I went through the drive-thru. My barista was super friendly, money was exchanged and within minutes I had a steaming hot cup of coffee. As I drove away, I raised the cup to my lips and immediately sensed that all was not right. A quick sip confirmed my fears: someone had been light-handed with the cream. Thankfully, I was going home, where a full carton of half and half awaited me in the fridge.


Within two seconds, my bitter dark brown coffee had turned a delicious, creamy color.


Now, in light of bigger issues, my lack of cream doesn’t even register on the Problem Meter, however, when you pay $2.50 for a cup of coffee, you want it right. Right?

I think about that every time we produce an image. There are those in this industry who allow the size of a print to determine how much attention it will receive: “Oh, it’s JUST an 8×10. We don’t need to work that hard on the artwork or printing.” For the life of me, I can’t understand that attitude. See, we realize that you have a choice when you decide on a photographer. And for many people, a Frank Frost photograph is an investment. We never forget that. We never forget that our clients are just like us: people for whom pictures are extremely important. We never forget that when you invest in a Frank Frost image, you want it done right. So do we. That’s why we give the same amount of attention to an 8×10 as we do a 20×24; every print is analyzed for color, artwork, saturation, density, etc…We don’t run programs that spit out the same adjustments to each photograph: each image is judged individually, artwork is applied not by a standard action, but by a master artist who takes time to analyze and apply her artwork, and printing is carried out by a world-class printer who sees and understands color. It’s why we put our guarantee behind every single image that leaves the studio. Sure, it takes more time and energy on our part, but we figure that’s what you pay for.

Now, if I could just convince Starbucks of the same thing.