Charlotte Wanted Stormy Skies: albuquerque senior photographer

We can do a lot in photography today, things unheard of as recently as 20 years ago. So, when Charlotte said she wanted stormy skies for her senior session, I knew that if had an afternoon filled with blue skies, it wouldn’t be difficult to turn them into stormy skies in post. Photographers do it all the time. And I do mean, all the time.

But, that’s not really what I think photography is about.

I’m more of a “remove-the-stuff-you-don’t-want” but don’t “add-stuff-that-wasn’t-there” kind of a photographer.

For example, I will remove distracting elements, like a twig poking out of a tree or a a clump of grass that draws your eye away from the subject, but I won’t ADD things to the image that weren’t there during the session. I don’t drop in skies or add trees or a field of  flowers. I would rather work hard to photograph in an area that has those elements present already.  I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just how I feel.

But Charlotte wanted stormy skies, so I knew that I would do what I needed to do to make her happy…but then, Mother Nature came through. <grin>

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