Bicycle Shame: albuquerque photographer

I have a bicycle.

It’s a nice bike. It’s blue and a has a little swish on the side of it. I don’t think it’s anything Lance Armstrong would salivate over, in fact, if it was laying abandoned on the side of the road, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even consider it worthy of picking up. It’s probably the professional’s version of a tricycle, but it gets the job done. I take my nice little bike out on gentle  paths and even, comfortable terrain for a pleasant afternoon of cycling. And by cycling, I mean pushing the pedals around and around. I could probably walk faster than I bike.

And then, there’s Kathy.

Kathy came into the studio with her bike. Well, it’s not really a bike so much as a serious piece of sporting equipment. She explained that she got into cycling to keep up with her grown daughter, who is an accomplished, award-winning athlete herself. Kathy said she knew if she wanted to spend time with her, she’d need to up her game a bit and so she took up cycling as something they could do together.

And then, not long ago, Kathy attended a BMX convention in town. Yes, you know exactly where this is going, don’t you? She told her cycling coach that it looked like fun and so, one afternoon, they borrowed a bike and within 5 minutes, Kathy was hooked.

I photographed Kathy in the studio and then out on the hills with her BMX. She had had surgery the day before, so she was taking the jumps easy. I only know this because she told me; it didn’t look easy to me.

I went home that night and apologized to my bike. Clearly, I need to do better.

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