Bad Weather Can be GREAT Weather: albuquerque photographer

New Mexico has a thing about bad weather…she doesn’t like it.

And while she allows it to blow into her state, she doesn’t allow it to stick around for a long time. After all, it can easily obscure her beautiful Sandia Mountains and she simply won’t have that. So, while she allows bad weather in, she insists it give something back in return. She knows the people who live inside her borders rely on gorgeous sunsets, so if clouds roll in, they need to perform.

As a photographer, I know this, which is why I always try to avoid rescheduling an outdoor session until the very last moment. You simply don’t know what the weather is going to do. (Except for last Friday when we woke up to rain. When does THAT happen?) And many times, when the clouds roll in and the skies grow dark, you get some amazing images, images that would have been lost had we rescheduled. Yes, sometimes it means that a client gets ready for nothing or we get part of a session, but quite often, it means we get images like this…

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New Mexico, you keep on doing what you’ve been doing. And thank you.

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