At Lunch

Popped into a restaurant today to get a quick lunch-to-go. It was actually past lunch time, as most of my lunches are, and the place was quiet, almost empty. I gave my order, paid, and leaned against the wall to wait for my food.

It was then that I saw them.

An older couple sitting in a booth in the back of the restaurant. Actually, the husband was in the booth; his wife had been placed very close to him in her wheelchair. Not a word was spoken between the two, but then, no words were needed. Her hands were motionless in her lap but her eyes never left his face. I watched him carefully cut her food into small pieces and then, with all the love and tenderness of a man caring for a treasure…he fed her lunch.

If a lunchtime could feel sacred, that certainly did.

I left a few moments later not only with my lunch, but with the realization that true love stories never have endings.