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Mommy and Daddy and Me

Is there anything more precious than a mother and father so in love with their baby? If there is, I have yet to see it.

This beautiful family came into the studio for their second Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me session. We had photographed them a couple years earlier with their first child and, unwilling to succumb to Second Baby Syndrome, as many of us do, they made sure their second little darling got the same treatment.

You can just feel the love.

Head’s UP! 7-Up!

The other day I saw an ad for 7-Up. At the risk of revealing my true age, I was a kid in the late 70’s when 7-Up came out with its “Un-Cola” campaign. The “Un-Cola” was a great label; it told people what 7-Up was by explaining what it wasn’t. I vividly remember Geoffrey Holder as the Un-Cola man in his white suit. His voice was as rich as a river of chocolate….

Well, it seems 7-Up has jumped on the “natural” bandwagon and their new commercials feature a new All Natural 7-UP:

All this 100% Natural stuff got me thinking: what, exactly, is an UN-natural flavor? Maybe polyester? Or plastic? What about old tire flavor? I especially get a kick out of the woman in the produce aisle; I don’t care how good the new formula is- I don’t think anyone’s in danger of confusing a can of 7-Up with a zucchini anytime soon. (The music is great, though. I don’t know if it’s really David Cassidy singing, but I have a hankering to dig out my Partridge Family albums.)

I must admit, all this Natural talk has me thinking- maybe we should re-label what WE do. Frank’s outdoor portraiture is created with natural light (an industry term meaning that there were no artificial light sources) Just the sun and a proper exposure to capture the depth and color of the light. I mean, anyone can throw a flash on a camera and take an artificial outdoor picture…I think that’s part of what makes what WE do so different.

Maybe we should call ourselves the UN-studio, although I might have a hard time convincing Frank to dress in the white suite and hat. 🙂

Brennan’s Fan Club

Rock Stars have groupies.
Professional Athletes have groupies.
Best-Selling Authors have groupies.

And 12 month Brennan has groupies.

Brennan is like a rock-star of the baby world. He is, hands down, one of the cutest little guys you’ll ever see and you have but to meet him to understand why everyone is crazy about him. He was born into one of the kindest, most loving families and is completed surrounded each and every day in a Brennan-sized Love Bubble.

Brennan’s birthday session included shots of he and his Mama together, some shots wearing the same kind of outfit he wore at 7 weeks (a white “t shirt” and jeans) and la piece de resistance… Mr. Brennan in diaper and bib with an entire birthday cake at his disposal. His hands were so caked with icing, he left little frosting handprints on the paper! After the session, he had his “people” take him to the dressing room, where he was cleaned up and then carried to the car where he most certainly lapsed into a birthday cake induced sugar coma.

Frank and I love this little guy and his family, which means Brennan can add two more groupies to his list of admirers.

We’re New at the "Q!"

Okay, so we’re not new, but the space sure is! We’ve moved our gallery next door to Starbucks, which means I can check on the display and get my caffeine fix at the same time. We have three storefront windows: Seniors, Family and Weddings. A huge shout-out to Colette Nederhoff for her creativity and energy. Colette oversaw the layout and design of the windows and her imagination never disappoints.

Stop by and take a look. The windows are whimsical and fresh…we hope you like!


Every so often, a t-shirt with a catchy phrase becomes popular; a shirt appropriate for every age and every situation.

This is NOT one of those shirts.

It is however, a Frank Frost-ism, heard by anyone over the age of 16 refusing to smile during a session; anyone for whom taking pictures is akin to pulling teeth. C’mon, you know who you are; don’t make me name names. Sometimes, these individuals need a lighthearted command, said with a smile, to elicit a natural, beautiful expression.

“Smile, damn it,” happens to do nicely.

These t-shirts were actually the brainchild of one of our high school senior clients who suggested we slap that phrase on a shirt. Obviously, you don’t have to ask us twice. The t-shirts sell for around $25, so if you’re interested in spreading Frank Frost’s personal reminder to SMILE, then give us a call.