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Eat My Dust

Besides being incredibly beautiful, Amanda loves photography and racing cars. Who knew? In fact, Amanda can out-race drivers who’ve been racing for a Very Long Time. I love it! Makes me wonder if I’d do well at racing-the excitement of the race, the cars lined up, revving their engines, the checkered flag…

Who am I kidding? I can barely manage driving a go-kart. A girl can dream, though…

We’re Back!

We ate.
We shopped.
We ate.
We attended seminars.
We ate.
We got our hands on some of the industry’s hottest new products and trends taking photography by storm.
We ate.

(On a sad Note: I have to say that the slot machines were not kind this year. I know there is no guarantee when you put your money in those machines (hence the term “gambling”) but armed with $40 and a healthy amount of skepticism I approached the one-arm devils with visions of 7-7-7 lined up neatly in a row, bells going off, lights flashing and me doing the happy dance up to the room. The slot machines had other ideas.)

On a happier note, the family and I ventured into the Coke store (as we do every year) and sampled (insert fanfare here) COKES AROUND THE WORLD. Okay, I don’t know if that’s actually what they call it, but it sounds good. For $7, the Coke people give you two trays, each containing 8 plastic cups filled halfway with Coke products from around the world. You also receive an information sheet to coordinate with the numbers on the tray, so you know just what you’re drinking and from where. Some were good, some not so much, and some were just downright nasty.

Take, for instance, this offering. It looks like mouthwash, and the amazing thing is it tastes like it, too. I have a hard time believing this is a Coke product. I suspect they ran out of that country’s drink and were substituting Scope.

The Italian offering was, hands down, one of the worst. How can the same country that makes Tiramisu make something so awful?

As for the studio, we’ve got some BIG products in the works. More about that in the days to come.

What Happens in Vegas Comes Home to Albuquerque

Ahh, Las Vegas. The lights. The shows. The slot machines making that “bing bing bing” noise. The thousands of photographers walking around. Well, at least there will be thousands of photographers next week, as it’s one of the industries largest annual professional photography conventions and, gosh darn it, if it’s not in Vegas every year. (I think it’s the only venue large enough to hold all of us)

Frank and I look forward to attending these international gatherings, and no, it’s not because of the buffets and penny slots-it’s because we firmly believe that no matter how much you know, or how long you’ve been at your particular craft, there’s always something new to be learned. Staying abreast of trends and styles sweeping the globe is part of our commitment to photography, which means it’s our commitment to YOU. We really LOVE what we do and always strive to do it better. Although the studio will be closed Monday, March 17 through Thursday, March 20, we will be checking phone calls and emails, so feel free to leave a message.

Samantha And Her Mom

Miss Samantha brought her mom to the studio Wednesday, along with brightly colored rubber balls, a black foo-foo skirt and loads of personality. Samantha danced around the backdrop, played with her balls and gave her mama big hugs and kisses. Now, with all this energy, it would seem funny that I would post the one picture in which Miss Samantha wasn’t smiling, but heaven’s sake…can you blame me? This child is absolutely beautiful, as is her mama and it was a delight to photograph them both.

Paul Potts the Phone Salesman

There is beauty all around us and that which shines brightest and purest is often found in the most unexpected place. We have but to open our eyes…and ears…