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A Picture or a Painting?

There are certain things I’ve resisted doing, like learning how to change the oil in my car, upgrading my iBook…

And photographic paintings.

Just what is a Photographic Painting? I’m so glad you asked! A photographic painting is a photograph, expertly manipulated with brush strokes to create a painterly effect. I skirted around the edges of photographic painting for a year now; should I or shouldn’t I? I’ve worried that adding a painterly affect to Frank’s photographs would diminish the honesty and integrity of the actual photograph.

I shouldn’t have worried.

The response has been overwhelming; our clients LOVE it! The images are each hand-worked, a square inch at a time, to create a custom, one-of-a-kind Photographic Painting. Some are simple with just a touch of a painterly effect; some are over-the-top with brushstrokes and texture. This incredible finish can be printed on photographic or watercolor paper, or a wrapped canvas.


So, what do YOU think?

TuTu Cute

What is it about a little girl in a tutu? I think it’s the only time in life when it’s cute to have a round belly hanging over your skirt. *grin*

The 2009 Senior Photography Kick-Off~

Senior photography is a big part of what we do; and a VERY fun part, too. Each year, we design a Senior campaign: a combination of direct mail pieces, catalog and :60 commercial. We are SO excited about this year’s campaign-it’s fresh, fun and full of life…just like the Seniors we photograph.

Crank up your speakers, take a look and tell us what you think!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Last Wednesday was Frank Frost night at Isotopes Park and for those of you able to come, we had a blast! Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about baseball, but I’ll jump at any chance I have to get together with friends on a warm summer night with good food.

The first 3,000 people through the door got Frank Frost magnets with a nifty special-look how excited they got!

As sponsors of the game, we got to throw out the first pitch. Because Frank didn’t want to shame the Isotopes with his (cough, cough) exceptional baseball skills, we decided to let our son, Drew, have the honor.

The spot we ran on the Jumbo Tron (which is an edited version of our newest television commercial)

Calendar Boy

It’s official…Frank is now a Pin-Up Boy.

APS has selected Frank, along with 11 other alumni, to appear in their 2008-2009 calendar. Along with the honor of being chosen calendar-worthy, we were thrilled to photograph some of Albuquerque’s famous faces for the calendar:

Hey…Who’s THAT guy?