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Lollipop Smiles

They are a very simple candy-nothing more than a sweet little disk attached to a white cardboard stick. But there’s something about a lollipop that lights up a child’s face. I think “Lollipop” is kid-speak for Happiness.

web new mexico childrens photographer frank frost photography family portraits                                                                             Oh, that we would be happy with such Little Things in Life!


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The Job of a Parent

I’ve heard it said that the job of a parent is to work oneself out of the job–to give your child the tools that he/she needs so that needing YOU is no longer necessary.
I’m not sure that’s true.
Because although we’ve reached an age where our children don’t need us to feed or dress them, we never stop being a parent. We never stop guiding…we never stop worrying…we never stop carrying them in our heart wherever we go.
I like to think that is part of the job.


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Albuquerque Public Schools Selfless Seniors Class of 2015

There are unsung heroes walking the halls of high schools everywhere-really great kids who do the right thing not for praise or attention, but because it’s the right thing to do. Some have overcome incredible obstacles; some have persevered with amazing determination and courage; some have succeeded despite the odds. But one thing they all have in common is that they are high school seniors who are leaving the world a better place by their acts of unselfishness, kindness, and caring.

We think this need to be celebrated, which is why, together withAlbuquerque Public Schools, the Selfless Senior Program was created.

It is with great pride that we present the Selfless Senior Class of 2015. We will honor these amazing human beings tomorrow afternoon at the awards presentation, and, just like every year, Cheri and I will tell ourselves not to cry. And, just like every year, we will anyway.

With such an incredible group of people…how could you not?

Congratulations to all the APS Selfless Seniors!

(read more about the Selfless Senior Program here:…/programs/selfless-seniors)


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A Tree a Month

This is a tree.

It grows on a corner of a busy street in the North Valley of Albuquerque. My client, Brett, came to me a year ago asking if I would photograph this tree, once a month, for the whole year. See, his wife adores this tree and comments on it whenever they pass by and Brett wanted to give her “Her Tree” for Christmas.

Now, to some, loving a tree this much might sound odd, but not to me, for a tree has a spirit and a story and a character all its own.

And while Brett’s wife loves this tree, I think the most special part of this story is how much Brett loves his wife.

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