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Farewell, Bran Muffin

Found out this morning that Satellite Coffee stopped selling their bran muffins.
Now, we LOVED Satellite Bran Muffins. It’s not that the other muffins aren’t good, because, hello? EVERYTHING is good at Satellite. It’s just that some of those other muffins enter firmly into dessert territory. All they need is a little frosting and they might as well be cake. So, in a quest to eat the healthiest muffins, we would always get the lower fat bran muffin.

Until today.

I found out earlier, but Cheri didn’t find out until this afternoon. She let out a loud, “Nooooooooooo!’ upon receiving the news while at the drive thru window. I”m pretty sure she freaked out the car behind her. The Satellite employee responded with, “I’ll give you a moment to grieve.” 

Farewell, Satellite Bran Muffin. You will be missed. 

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Family Photos and Frozen Custard

I’m not sure that I would go so far as to say that I am a connoisseur of frozen confections, but I sort of am.
If an entire dessert buffet was laid before me, filled with every dessert your mind could imagine, I would pick ice cream. I have my favorite flavors, sure, but to this day, I have never met an ice cream I didn’t like. If it is dairy and sweet and frozen, then I will love it.

Which is why I am SO glad that Albuquerque now has Rita’s. Rita’s frozen custard is smooth and creamy and velvety and tastes like MORE.

If frozen custard isn’t your thing (and really, why wouldn’t it be? It’s FROZEN CUSTARD) Rita’s also offers smooth Italian Ices made with real fruit served within 36 hours of mixing; Gelati, which is Italian Ice with custard on top for those of you who can’t pick, and…wait for it…custom donuts.


I know, right?

Rita’s takes a fresh donut and allows you to pick the glaze and the topping. It’s genius. Someone should be awarded a nobel prize for this idea.

But even better than ALL the offerings on Rita’s menu, is the wonderful family behind the Albuquerque business.  I was so thrilled to photograph The Gauldens at their store recently. They are a warm, wonderful family who loves their business and the people who walk through their door. And those little Gauldens are as cute as they come.

So, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, do yourself a favor and pop into Rita’s. I might just see you there. I’ll be the guy in the corner with the camera and the frozen custard.

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The Future is Bright : albuquerque family photographer

It’s easy to look around the world and become discouraged.

We listen to the news and hear of conflicts and unrest;

We turn on the television and see a plethora of campaign ads, each telling us why we shouldn’t vote for the “other guy or gal.”

We work hard and often wonder if any of it makes any difference.

And then, in the midst of all of it, we see a sight that gives us hope.

It’s a common sight, but the fact that it is only makes it all the more wonderful.

It is that of a parent and a child.

And we watch the love that surrounds them

tender and pure, yet stronger than steel

the kind that makes your heart ache

And we realize that this love between moms and dads and children is nothing new; it has been around for as long as mankind itself…

and the thought gives us comfort.

For although civilizations have come and gone, and kingdoms have risen and fallen, the love between a parent and child has been and will continue to be as constant as the northern star.

So let the news try to discourage
Let politicians argue and bicker
Let us work hard and not grow weary

As long as there is Family, the future is bright.

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Why We Don’t Use Digital Backgrounds

There is something magical about The Moment we take a photo outdoors.

The way the light falls

The way the gentle breeze dances across the skin

The birds chirping…the leaves fluttering

The sun flickering through the trees

It FEELS wonderful

And…the Place becomes part of The Moment.

It’s real.

It becomes part of The Experience.

People remember this

When you look at those images afterwards, you remember The Moment

how it felt when you stood there

when the sun shone upon your back

and how your bare feet felt in the grass

Or you will remember how the wind picked up as the dark clouds rolled in

Or how you laughed as we all ran to take cover while we waited for the storm to pass

When they look at those images you will remember that moment

You don’t get that from a green screen.

A digital background means nothing

because it isn’t a part of anything…

The finished image will be pieced together in a computer

But here’s the important part…

You will STILL remember The Moment…

how weird it felt to stand there pretending you were in the woods

Or on a path

Or in a garden

When you really weren’t

After you were cut and paste them into a scene you never experienced

You will look at that image

And feel no connection to it.


Because it’s not real… and you were never there.

At Frank Frost Photography, we believe in taking more than pictures…we photograph time spent together with the sun overhead and the breeze in your hair, surrounded by the people you love.

Take THAT, digital background.

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These Pictures Aren’t Just for You

If you’ve spent any time at all on social media over the past few days, you know that the world lost two great performers this week: David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Both died at the age of 69 and both from cancer.

And our social media feeds, be they Facebook or Twitter or everything in-between, are filled with images of these two men, as is usual when these things happen. There is no shortage of pictures; they are everywhere. From movie stills to publicity shots to candids, these two talented men have a dazzling array of photographs taken of them over their lifetime.

There is no problem finding a photo.

No one is frantically saying, “Wait…we don’t have a copy of that,” or “What do you mean, this USB drive won’t open,” or “Why didn’t we take time to get his photo taken?”

See, I hear those panicked statements a lot. And they are heartbreaking. They are usually accompanied by tears and, quite often, a battered photo someone found in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. I meet with people in the studio who bring these torn and tattered photos and ask if anything can be done.

Because it’s all they have.

I remind them it could be worse; at least they have a paper photograph, albeit in poor condition–they have nothing more than pixels lost to time or stuck on a USB drive that refuses to open.

My friends, always remember that the photos you take and print today aren’t really for YOU. They are for your children and their children and their children. And years from now, they won’t care that you needed to lose some weight or your haircut wasn’t just right…

Don’t put it off.

Don’t wait until “someday” to get those photos taken.

Don’t reason you don’t need a photograph

Because even if you don’t need it, the people who love you do.

frank frost photography ©2016

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