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The Power of Moms: albuquerque family photography

The session was over; the children were tired. I thought we were finished and then the little girls, with tears and sleepy eyes, came and collapsed on their mama, content to just be by her. No Mother’s Day quote or verse I could come up with says as much about the Power of Moms as this one image. Happy Mother’s Day!

I AM: albuquerque childrens photography

Several years ago, we ran a television commercial celebrating “girl power.” Tasked with the responsibility of writing copy that sums up in :30 the strength of a woman, Cheri wrote “I AM.” To this day, it remains one of my favorites. I thought of those words when I photographed Raye at Stone Age Climbing Gym. Watching this beautiful little girl attack that wall made ME smile, for she was power, determination and the face of an angel strapped into a climbing harness.


I am strong

And smart

I know what I want

and what I don’t

I’m not just a face in the crowd

I am a complex individual.

I am part athlete

Part princess

I am a daughter

A sister

A best friend


And the world better get ready